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Our Role in Dynamic’s Mission

As billing specialists, it is our role to provide our patients with exceptional service.  We are responsible for billing your insurance company for the services you receive.  Many health care providers leave it up to the patient to submit the provider’s bill to the patient’s insurance company themselves, after you have paid your medical bill to the provider.  We believe we can do better than that.  Due to the complexity of the billing process it is reassuring to know that Dynamic’s billing specialists are on your side.  We understand that the financial component of your care needs to be first rate for you to have a great experience with Dynamic Physical Therapy; and this is exactly what we do very every patient, every time.  Please call us at 231-876-0010.  We are ready to help you with any payment or insurance questions you may have.

How We Can Help

On or before your first visit we will contact your insurance company to determine the coverage guidelines of your plan.  This is to ensure your insurance accepts of our claims as well as determining the benefits, co-pay, and any deductible you may have at the time of treatment.  Insurance company policies vary in the amount they pay for outpatient physical therapy; therefore, we encourage you to carefully review your coverage as well.

Your insurance company usually pays the vast majority of our charges.  Depending on your coverage you may be responsible for a part of the bill.  We can help you find out approximately how much you will personally be responsible for even before your start your physical therapy, just give us a call at 231-876-0010.  For your part of the bill we accept cash, checks, Visa, and MasterCard.  Payment plans can be arranged as well, under certain circumstances.

Dynamic Physical Therapy participates with many insurance companies and most employer-sponsored health plans in our area.  Insurance companies require a prescription from a physician in order to utilize your physical therapy benefits.  In addition, depending on your particular insurance plan, you may also need to obtain an “Insurance Referral Form” from your Primary Care Physician, PCP.  If you call us with your insurance card in hand, we can find our your coverage specifics.  And if we don’t know right away, we will find out and call you back.

Major insurance carriers we currently contract with are:  Medicare/HMO, Medicaid and various Medicaid HMO’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Priority Health, PPOM plans, Worker’s Compensation, Auto, and a variety of commercial insurances.  This list is subject to change; therefore, it is very important to check with us prior to your treatment.  As a service to our patients, we file ALL insurance claims in-house weekly and we diligently follow-up until your account is fully paid.

Dynamic Physical Therapy provides state-of-the-art physical therapy services to Northern Michigan areas.