Orthopedic or Musculoskeletal Ailments

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists of Northern Michigan

Orthopedic injuries are those that involve injury to muscles, joints, tendons, or ligaments. Musculoskeletal or orthopedic conditions can come on without warning or they can develop over time. Dynamic Physical Therapy's orthopedic specialists can help you identify how your orthopedic issue would be classified.

  • Injuries that occur suddenly during an accident or while playing a sport is referred to as an acute injury.
  • Conditions that develop slowly over a period of time, sometimes without the patient even being aware, are referred to as chronic injuries.

Acute injuries from car accidents, sports, and falls are dealt with according to your body's ability to heal. As soon as an injury occurs, your body starts the long and complex healing process. The role of rehabilitation when it comes to sports injuries and other treatments is to provide the most appropriate support for your body's natural recovery. The tenuous nature of the recovery process means you should avoid strenuous activities that will disrupt healing and utilizing tools and techniques that will decrease pain, swelling, and improve blood flow to support the healing of the orthopedic injury. We will address these injuries based on your body's ability to heal. 

The orthopedic specialists at Dynamic Physical Therapy in Northern Michigan will help you understand the nature of your condition and recommend solutions for you to properly optimize the tissue healing process. After you have started the healing process, your orthopedic specialist will make adjustments to your personal treatment plan to include manual physical therapy, exercises, and additional techniques that will help strengthen and condition your affected tissue. The ultimate goal of orthopedic injuries such as these is to ensure that the injured tissue heals fully, is resistant to additional injury, and is able to return to its full potential.

Chronic injuries, on the other hand, require a more individualized approach. In regards to chronic orthopedic injuries, the healing process does not occur normally — it has either slowed significantly or completely stopped. Your orthopedic specialist needs to take action in order to stimulate the normal healing of the tissue. Your physical therapist will form an individualized plan to get rid of roadblocks inhibiting tissue healing. Issues like insufficient blood flow to injured tissue, excessive stress on injured tissues, or poor balance when it comes to rest and movement. Dynamic Physical Therapy's orthopedic specialists are experienced in untangling this puzzle for each individual patient and their personal condition.

Northern Michigan Orthopedic Doctors

At Dynamic Physical Therapy, our skilled physical therapists, orthopedic specialists and orthopedic doctors are up to the challenge and are able to form successful healing plans for even the most complex orthopedic/musculoskeletal conditions. Assisting individuals with unique orthopedic issues is one of our specialties and something we pride ourselves on. Our physical therapists and orthopedic therapists are regular attendees of advanced training sessions in order to stay on the cutting edge of physical therapy trends. We also study scientific literature to offer our patients the most current and best solutions for their orthopedic conditions.

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