Headache & Migraine

Headache and Migraines Associated with Neck Pain

Headaches and migraines are common and typically caused by neck problems. Dysfunctions and stiff joints, among other neck issues, are commonly responsible for headaches also. At Dynamic Physical Therapy (Dynamic PT), our physical therapists are well-trained to examine the neck area thoroughly to locate any problems associated with headache pain. It's actually fairly common for the Dynamic PT team to cure headaches of patients after a patient has been dealing with chronic headaches for a long time — we can help you find headache relief. Unfortunately, the connection between neck issues and headaches is not well-understood at this time.

The main key to creating an effective plan of physical therapy treatment for headache patients is a thorough interview and physical exam. Analyzing the results of the interview can help the physical therapist form an effective headache pain treatment plan. Each headache treatment plan is individualized and unique to each patient because headache conditions are all different.

Sometimes even patients diagnosed with migraine headaches experience pain relief or fewer frequent pain episodes after completing our headache or migraine treatment plan. Although our treatment plans for headaches are all different, common aspects can be identified. Education is pivotal; patients need to know how posture and stress, for example, can affect the neck and lead to headaches. Patients also need to understand that there are things they can do each day to promote good neck posture and movement in order to minimize pain.

Manual Headache Therapy

Manual Headache Therapy is a common component in our headache pain treatment plans. We use manual therapy to eliminate movement restrictions and muscle dysfunction; these problems are usually at the core of headache development. Exercise and posture training is also important and exercise programs are custom-designed for each individual patient. If needed, we use modalities such as traction and electrical stimulation to support our headache pain physical therapy.

Finding the underlying causes of headache pain is a great challenge to us at Dynamic Physical Therapy and we welcome the opportunity to help our patients suffering from headaches. Certainly, some patients suffering from headaches require other medical intervention including medication; but doesn’t it seem sensible to resolve neck problems that may be causing or contributing to a headache.

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