Ankle and Foot

Foot and ankle problems can become incredibly troublesome and cause mobility issues because so much of the body's weight is rested on these small areas. It is extremely important to your well-being to have an experienced and reliable foot doctor who can accurately diagnose your foot problems and form a recovery plan. Our Northern Michigan foot specialists will help you discover top-notch methods to get you back to your former mobility and health. 

Northern Michigan Ankle & Foot Specialists

If you are facing an ankle or foot injury, our ankle and foot specialists will focus all of their efforts on getting your ankle and foot back to its optimal range of motion, strength, and function.

Dynamic Physical Therapy will provide an extensively considered solution for all foot injuries, including plantar fasciitis and post-operative physical therapy. The first step to the rehabilitation of your ankle or foot is the evaluation of your limitations. Our experienced team of physical therapists and foot doctors/specialists will form a physical therapy plan based on your personalized needs and goals. Throughout the rehabilitation of your foot injury, our Northern Michigan foot specialists will work tirelessly to help you return to your former mobility level and get your foot back to normal like nothing ever happened!

Ankle Injuries

Ankles are one of the primary weight-bearing body parts, it is common for them to have strain put on them. Around 2 million people each year and examined by a doctor for ankle (and foot) injuries, including sprained ankles, ankle fractures, and ankle strains. Unfortunately, having even just a single ankle injury can increase your risk of re-injury by 40-70%. It is absolutely pivotal for a successful recovery that our Northern Michigan ankle specialists help to restore your ankle's strength after you've been injured, in order to minimize the chance of re-injury. Stretching is an easy yet often neglected way to help keep ankle injuries away.

Our ankle specialists will work closely with you to determine which ankle exercises are appropriate for your particular ankle condition. Dynamic Physical Therapy will allow you to form the best ankle injury recovery plan for you.

Foot Injuries

Our Northern Michigan foot specialists recognize that the foot is one of the more complex parts of the human body and should be treated as such. The primary purpose of the foot is to help balance, provide support and mobility for maximum function. There are a number of foot injuries that a person can develop, but fortunately, Dynamic Physical Therapy's orthopedic foot specialists can assist in regaining foot mobility.

A few examples of foot injuries include heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, Achilles pain, and bunion pain. Foot injuries like these can have multiple causes, including bad habits or inappropriate footwear. Not all foot injuries are created equally, however, and some should be treated differently from others, so our foot doctors will help you identify the injury you're experiencing and work closely with you to determine the best recovery plan and treatment for your specific foot injury.

If you are experiencing ankle pain or a foot injury, or are recovering from recent surgery and require physical therapy, call the Dynamic Physical Therapy office nearest you for the best ankle and foot doctors in Northern Michigan!

Dynamic Physical Therapy's orthopedic doctors proudly serve the Northern Michigan region including Buckley, Cadillac, Gaylord, Manistee, Marion, Traverse City, and surrounding areas.