Huijbregts PA. HSC 11.2.4. Lumbopelvic Region: Aging, Disease, Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment. In: Wadsworth C. HSC 11.2. Current Concepts of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy. LaCrosse, WI: Orthopaedic Section APTA, 2001.

Learning Objectives

After completion of this monograph the course participant will be able to describe:

  1. The effects of normal aging on joints and ligamentous structures of the lumbopelvic region.
  2. The signs and symptoms of diseases affecting the lumbopelvic region.
  3. The research base for history and examination items used in orthopaedic differential diagnosis.
  4. A number of tests for orthopaedic differential diagnosis of the lumbopelvic region.
  5. A biomechanical approach to orthopaedic differential diagnosis of the lumbopelvic region.
  6. The research base for use of manual therapy, traction, and exercise in selected dysfunctions.
  7. A biomechanical approach to treatment of dysfunctions of the lumbopelvic region.

In this second monograph on the lumbopelvic region we will review changes as a result of normal aging, diseases affecting this region, examination, orthopaedic differential diagnosis, and treatment. Five case scenarios will illustrate the practical application of the information reviewed in both monographs.

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