Determine Physical Function Post-Injury

The WorkSTEPS FCE Program implemented by Dynamic will help determine an injured employee's physical function post-injury. The WorkSTEPS Employment Testing Program is truly unique and deserves your thoughtful investigation of its benefit for your company. The effectiveness of the Program in reducing work place injury incidence and costs has been substantially documented through cost savings incurred by industries that have utilized the Program.

The WorkSTEPS Program was developed in response to industry's need for reliable, medically/legally defensible employment testing programs that could effectively reduce work place injury incidence and work place injury costs. The Program, which is based upon objective scientific data and collection, conforms fully to EEOC Guidelines for application of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Implementation of the WorkSTEPS Program has enabled hundreds of industries to realize significant work place injury incidence and injury cost reductions. The data generated by the WorkSTEPS Program has been used to successfully litigate fraudulent injury claims, and to establish a basis for legitimate settlements of bonafide work place injury claims.

In the first court case involving WorkSTEPS data, an employee seeking $1.2 million in compensation, received a jury award of only $22,000, for medical services and legal fees, based primarily upon pre-existing condition data recorded during the WorkSTEPS testing of the employee.

Employers benefit by matching the physical demand levels (how much one can safely lift) of the specific job to the physical capabilities of the employee, which reduces injury incidence and decreases employee turnover. The WorkSTEPS Test also assists in eliminating fraudulent claims and in establishing a basis for legitimately controlling bona fide claims. The information is retained for comparison to post-injury employee data and establishes a basis developing objective data based rehabilitation and return to work programs.

In addition to the "essential function" component necessary to make hiring recommendations in accordance with the ADA, WorkSTEPS also performs a comprehensive battery of additional medical and functional performance tests on each employee. This medical and functional data cannot be used to withdraw an offer of employment tendered an employee, but it can be used to establish baseline capabilities of an employee. This facilitates detection of existing impairments and other medical and physical conditions of the employee.

Components of the WorkSTEPS Employment Test include:

  • Musculoskeletal evaluation including assessments of range of motion, strength, posture, and joint integrity.
  • Cardiovascular status, including recovery condition, risk profile, blood pressure, and heart rate.
  • Static (isometric) and Dynamic (isotonic) strength evaluation of the back and extremities, with analysis for deficits and/or abnormalities, and with resultant comparative analysis to our database containing information from thousands of employees tested.
  • Risk profile for "over-use syndrome" (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome).
  • Job Specific or job simulation components (essential functions) includes instruction in proper body mechanics and lifting techniques.

Following completion of the test, results are entered into the WorkSTEPS database, which provides a profile of each individual employee according to the physical demand levels of each specific job. The WorkSTEPS Program generates extremely specific comparisons based on any number of collected data parameters. The reports generated also establish the baseline medical and functional capabilities of the employee for comparison to future, post-injury data.

The relationship with WorkSTEPS continues after the Employment Test, as WorkSTEPS continues to work with employers to assist them with ADA and related employer/employee issues. WorkSTEPS has a staff attorney available to answer employer questions. This service is free to employer clients.


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