Work Injury Management

Reduce Workplace Injuries & Claims

The WorkSTEPS employment testing program was formed due to a critical need: a reliable, medically and legally defensible employment testing program that would effectively reduce workplace injury incidents and workplace injury cost. The WorkSTEPS employment program was created about ten years ago when it was determined that very few medical practitioners thoroughly addressed industrial medicine. There also seemed to be no objective method of reducing unnecessarily extensive treatment for legitimate injuries or to identify illegitimate claims.

The WorkSTEPS Program

  1. Identifies persons who do not meet job-specific strength and/or aerobic requirements;
  2. Assist employers in appropriately matching current and new employees to safe/appropriate job positions;
  3. Collects baseline physical measurements for comparative analysis to post testing injury/trauma (compares pre-injury and post-injury impairment measurement to avoid paying for a pre-existing loss);
  4. Helps in identifying persons who have pre-existing cardiovascular, degenerative, or cumulative trauma disorders,
  5. Allows determination of objective physical/functional loss;
  6. Qualifies legitimate injuries and disqualifies fraudulent injuries;
  7. Controverts illegitimate claims and stops unwarranted payment of workers' compensation benefits;
  8. Allows successful medical/legal intervention compares an employee's pre-injury and post-injury status;
  9. Expedites rehabilitation and return-to-work post legitimate injury; and
  10. Assist employers in compliance with applicable federal and state statutes.

As an extension of physical therapy, the WorkSTEPS provider offers conditioning and job-related rehabilitation exercises aimed at preventing re-injury are implemented. Many patients have had months of inactivity with secondary de-conditioning and are quite susceptible to re-injury. As a result, progressive cardiovascular exercises are implemented to improve aerobic conditioning. Also, work simulated exercise programs are implemented to reinforce the person's self-confidence, educate them about proper work-related lifting techniques, and strengthen the muscles necessary for a permanent return to work. It has actually been documented that negligence regarding injury is negated significantly for employers who work with healthcare facilities that provide job simulation to ensure a safe return to work.

Furthermore, recent ADA case law has revealed that "light duty" policies are particularly suspicious and may even be unlawful since they make no reference to an actual function, as it relates to the position in question. Through functional rehab, the patient's real limits can be determined and ADA compliance regarding light duty will not be a factor. The Providers of the WorkSTEPS program are among the best providers of rehabilitation and have been thoroughly screened for quality of service.

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