Pre-Employment Screening

Proven Success in Pre-Employment Screening

Dynamic Physical Therapy uses the WorkSTEPS' comprehensive database that includes 40 physical and medical measurements, which is to our knowledge, the largest ongoing database of this type in the United States. The proven success of this pre-employment screening program without causing injuries benefits everyone from a liability standpoint. Another component unique to WorkSTEPS is that it is a turnkey program with all the training and supplemental materials that walk the WorkSTEPS representative not only through the testing process, but if they desire, the entire industrial rehabilitation process.

The definition of essential functions is the fundamental job duties of the employment position. The marginal or peripheral functions of the position that are incidental to the performance of the job are not considered essential functions.

A particular function may be essential because:

  • The position exists to perform that function,
  • There are only a limited number of employees available to perform the function or,
  • The function is so specialized that the position can only be filled with an individual who can perform that function.

In determining whether a function is essential, the following evidence will be considered:

A) Employer's judgment
B) Existing written job descriptions
C) Percentage of time in position spent performing the function
D) Consequences if the function is not performed
E) Experience of previous employees in the position
F) Experience of current employees in the position
G) The terms of a collective bargaining agreement


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