Job Analysis

Prevent Work-Related Injuries for Employees

Job ergonomic analysis consists of the WorkSTEPS representative visiting job sites to perform hands-on evaluations of physical requirements of employees. This typically involves filming workers performing job tasks, photographing particular body positions/equipment used to perform job tasks, and physically measuring/weighing objects to make recommendations that could alleviate cumulative trauma and prevent injuries on the job site. Such evaluations are required by ADA law in order to perform post-offer/post employment evaluations. Dynamic Physical Therapy will evaluate the job requirements for your business in order to prevent future work-related injuries for employees.

The ADA specifically addresses the necessity of a job analysis that identifies essential job requirements of each category of employee to be tested. By having the evaluation done with the independent who is performing the actual job tests, the evaluations are given quantitative validity while the employer's negligence is decreased.

The analysis may be as simple as weighing objects and measuring the distances workers handle them, to as sophisticated as filming the activity and using high tech computer analysis to calculate acceptable and unsafe work limits to all body motions involved in the job. Ergonomic analysis of this nature gives content validity to the testing process by establishing valid job descriptions and subsequent testing that are consistent with business necessity.


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