Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional Capacity Testing for Work Injuries

The WorkSTEPS FCE Program implemented by Dynamic will help determine an injured employee's physical function post-injury. The FCE is a medical test to measure an employee's function post-injury. The WorkSTEPS FCE is designed to document existing impairment, prove consistency, and create realistic objective treatment goals and return to work recommendations. The WorkSTEPS FCE is also automated and includes criteria to evaluate symptom magnification, inappropriate illness behavior, and validity of performance. (This information is invaluable to objectively move the patient through the system in a fair and timely manner.)

The employer is interested in an (FCE) at the time of injury to determine severity and legitimacy. One (FCE) is administered during rehabilitation to determine progress, and a post-rehabilitation test is also conducted to determine the employee's ability to return to their job.

Functional Capacity testing is pivotal to objectively streamline the rehabilitation process and save employers considerable time and money. FCE's should be performed on all work-related injuries.


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