Gus Meyjes

Gus has been a physical Therapist since 1992. He Graduated from the PT program in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He was born in Angola, Africa and spent close to 7 years of his life in the tropics. He moved to the Netherlands in 1972, growing up in the small town of Heemstede, just west of Amsterdam. 

Coming from a very worldly family (his father spent 29 years of his working career in South America, Africa, North America and the Netherlands, His Mother was born and raised in Indonesia) there was no question he would see the world for himself. In that quest, he decided to move to the US after graduation from PT school, as there were excellent opportunities for professional growth and education in the United States. 

In 1993 Gus took the plunge. It took him about a year to obtain his visa and work permit to enter the US. He emigrated on a one way ticket with $200 and a couple of boxes with his books and clothes. He started his career in Mississippi, where he immediately entered the Orthopedic Manual Therapy program. (A two and a half year post graduate specialization program and one of the first offered in the United States) This program allowed him to specialize in the field of Orthopaedics within the Physical Therapy profession. 

After completing the program, he moved to Tampa and later to New Orleans in order to set up and run offices for a nationwide company. He met his former wife, Maria, in Mississippi. They married in 1995. Together, they left the south for Cadillac, Michigan in 1997 in order to start Cadillac Physical Therapy. Maria would oversee billing and collections as well as work the front desk. Cadillac Physical Therapy very quickly outgrew its humble beginnings of a 1200 square foot office in a basement. Gus expanded the company by adding offices in Gaylord, Grayling, Marion, Buckley, and recently Ludington. The Company was renamed Dynamic Physical Therapy as the result of a survey among a large number of patients which showed this name resonated best with them. 

The company grew based on its reputation and the outstanding team that made up the fabric of Dynamic. In large part because it was the vision of Gus to provide all Physical Therapists with the same Orthopedic Manual Therapy education, guaranteeing Expert level care for our patients. 

Gus continued to be intimately involved with the company. He divided his time between administrative work, strategic planning, day to day management and patient care. 

Gus has recently phased out of patient care and primarily occupies himself with the management of the company. When Gus is not at work he enjoys spending time at home, wrenching on his classic cars or boating on lake Cadillac. His oldest daughter, Lina, is planning to complete her PhD in Psychology. His middle daughter, Sanna, has long wanted to follow in his footsteps. She graduated from Grand Valley State University for her undergrad and is currently in PT School in Massachusetts. His son Lucas is following Gus's adventurous lead. Lucas has become a kiteboarding instructor during summer months and has earned his pilot’s license at the young age of 17. He is currently at WMU in Kalamazoo in the flight science program to pursue a career as a professional pilot. 

Gus practices what he preaches in the fact that he enjoys to work out in the gym. He also enjoys running/walking outside and Kite boarding. Gus likes to support local events/outngs/charities. Dynamic has proudly donated over a $100,000.00 to various events over the years.

Gus now spends his time with his partner, Jennifer, between Cadillac, Minnesota and Arizona. He is following a childhood dream of flying and has obtained his pilots license and recently added his multi engine/complex aircraft rating and Instrument rating. He is hoping to complete his Commercial rating this winter and, who knows, he might be picking up some flying gigs in a late career change!