Therapy & Rehabilitation Specialists

We are musculoskeletal specialists. We specialize in helping people rehabilitate from disease and injury to joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. We also help people with certain neurological and balance problems. We offer expert treatment for an extensive variety of musculoskeletal disorders, including: orthopedic injuries; work injuries; back and neck pain; joint replacement rehab; post-surgical rehab; carpal tunnel; sports medicine; vestibular and balance disorders; inner ear problems that include vertigo, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, motion sensitivity, poor balance and falling; hip, knee, ankle and foot problems; and shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand problems.

We practice our profession based on scientific evidence, extensive postgraduate training and with utmost care and compassion. We believe it is essential to answer all questions and explain treatment options in plain language. It is imperative that our patients be in control of their own therapy and have an excellent understanding of their injuries.

At Dynamic Physical Therapy, we take pride in delivering personal attention and care in a positive, supportive atmosphere, efficiently and effectively. We offer high-quality one-on-one treatment and vast therapy experience and expertise dealing with insurance and billing concerns. Our continuing education keeps us on the leading edge of physical therapy, too.

We are a team of experienced physical therapists. Since 1995, we have delivered thousands of healing treatments to Northwestern Michigan residents. Using a unique combination of positive motivation, exercise, personal attention and hands-on therapy, we have helped our patients achieve healthier, more active, more enjoyable lives.

Our Mission

To provide fellow local residents with an exceptional patient care experience by integrating evidence-based physical therapy with individualized care.

Dynamic Physical Therapy is a local group of dedicated physical therapists and supportive team members and we believe that neighbors in our community deserve the best that physical therapy has to offer.

We achieve exceptional patient care by combining the latest advances in our field with a treatment approach that is custom designed for each person.

All our physical therapists are continually involved in improving their knowledge and skills by attending seminars, analyzing the latest physical therapy developments and by pursuing advanced specialty degrees.

Our supportive team members are all expertly trained and are fully dedicated to patients, our team effort, and our mission.